Our Mission

Drive innovation to solve the critical ‘unmet need’ in Covid-19 screening testing for Return-to-Work/School, and hotspot protection programs. 

The Solution

The fastest & highest leverage to return our economy and society to functioning is with test-enabled safe Return-to-Work/School and at-risk hotspot programs that catch inevitable occurrences before they become outbreaks. This testing must be “FFCE”:



At least weekly,
or more often



Point-of-care, or at least "next morning" results



"Less than the price of a latte" (target <$5/result cost-of-goods, to enable $10-20 retail)



Self-collection: saliva-based, or AN swab or oral/buccal swab (or new innovations)

Asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic screening tests can be done effectively at much lower cost and higher distributed scale than traditional ‘clinical’ testing — rapidly identifying ‘candidate positive’ to trigger trace & isolation protocols, and referring subjects for clinical testing and follow-up.

Starts JULY 2020

In collaboration with the XPRIZE, we’re launching the Rapid Covid Testing Competition. The aim is to drive needed innovation for screening testing – in frequency, turnaround time, cost, and ease-of-use – for Return-to-Work/School programs, with testing that is “FFCE“.

Enter the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing Competition


We take pride in working on “Open Science” with the most progressive laboratories, universities & institutions around the world.