Rapid Covid Testing Has Concluded

Competitors will create “Open Science” solutions for test-enabled safe Return-to-Work/School. XPRIZE Announcement

Competition Categories

Teams can compete in one of the following four categories:

To ensure supply chain diverse solutions, entries are encouraged in a variety of underlying testing approaches/combinations: PCR, Isothermal (e.g., LAMP/RPA), CRISPR, Antigen-detection, Next Generation Sequencing, and other technologies.

Judging Criteria

Including all materials and reagents

Measured & validated sensitivity, specificity and lamit of detection

Defined simple “standard operating procedures” enabling widespread, distributed adoption

Point-of-care or at least within 12 hours to enable “next morning” results

Approach to ensure virus neutralization and safe handling

Going above & beyond to improve performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, consistency, automation or other innovations

  • 200 Semi-finalists go to distributed Analytical Validation
  • 20 Finalists go to Clinical Validation at top clinical labs
  • Winning teams share a multi-million $ prize purse (50% on announcement; 50% on successful real-world pilot implementation).